Auto Shades for Cars – Keep it Cooler

Auto Shades for Cars – Keep it Cooler

Auto Shades for Windshields, Rear Windows, and Side Windows


An auto shade or sunshade is for covering the front windshield of your vehicle, to not only keep the car cooler, but to keep you from burning your hands on the steering wheel and your butt on the seat.

You can get them for Cars, Trucks, Suvs, RVs and Mobile Homes (and possibly aircraft too). The window glass is all different sizes for different makes and models, so you will need to find the information to get the correct one for that vehicle(s).


To look up the size of the windshield, you must first look up the vehicle Year, Make and Model. It will tell you that for your vehicle you will need a small, medium, large or extra large sized sunshade and will need to find the right size on the package back, at the parts counter or in an application guide.

You may be able to find these sizes by looking at the back of the package of the auto shade or sunshade in question. You can find sunshades or auto shades in most auto parts stores, Walmart, and other department stores like Kmart, as well as online.



They come as round ones that pop up, rectangular and plastic ones that fold close and open up in fit in the window. You have to put up the  windshield visors to put it in and then fold the visors down to hold the sunshade in place.

They come small, medium, large and extra large in size. The size of the glass and sunshade is determined by the year, make and model of a vehicle. If you are reading the sunshade guide, you will see what shade it recommends for your vehicle.

You can even get cool pictured sunshades like these Disney Cars Auto Car Sunshade

There are others with Star Trek, animals, just plain silver (foil) or colored foils, different movie characters and many others. It’s kind of fun to have something that cools off your car and looks pretty awesome in the process.


Rear Window Shades

The rear window shades have suction cups that stick to the window. It’s all part of the window shade.

Make sure you use the foaming glass cleaner before installing the rear window shade or the suction cups will not stick! It will also clean off a lot of other crap that’s stuck to the glass as well. (It cleans a lot better than the traditional spray glass cleaners.)

This one can be used for sun, sleet, freezing rain and snow. It just tucks in between the doors. Easy to place and remove.


Side Shades

You can buy them for the side windows as well. You can also buy a window shade (like one you put in the window at home) that pulls up to retract and pull down for shade.

Parents will buy them to help keep the sun off of or out of the eyes of the small children that they have. It also helps to keep the car cooler.

The summer sun can be quite brutal, so we do things to help keep some temperature control in our vehicles, so they won’t be quite so warm when we get into them. No burned hands, butts, and arms on the seats, the arm rests and the steering wheel.

These sunshades, no matter what color, texture, or pictured will work. The whole idea is to keep out the sun and keep the vehicle cooler.

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