Car Repair Manual – Do It Yourself

Car Repair Manual – Do It Yourself

Automotive Repair Manuals

A vehicle repair manual is similar but different. The automotive repair manual is for doing extended troubleshooting, small and larger repairs by yourself.

The owner’s manual gives you just the basic repair information such as fluid types, checking oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, windshield wash fluid, the details of the vehicle (radio, interior lights, seat belts) and other information.

This is called “Do It Yourself” or DIY, because you are doing this with the aid of a repair manual, rather than a mechanic. If you have a mechanic, and you get stuck on something you don’t understand or you don’t have enough information, please ask the mechanic. They are trained to properly repair each vehicle.

I once worked at the auto parts store with a young man, known as Sean, who worked for a GM dealership before coming to the auto parts store and he was awesome at fixing General Motors cars. He was my GM specialist, my go-to guy for information on GM products, in order to help the customers. Last I knew, he was going to become a mechanic to work on NASCAR cars.

Most automotive repair manuals can be obtained through the auto parts stores or online. There are two types of repair manuals that are usually sold in the auto stores. They are Haynes, Chilton and Mitchell repair manuals.

If you don’t see yours in the store, go to the search bar, type in Haynes or Chilton Repair Manuals. You can view just the section of whatever repair you are working on or purchase the repair manual to always have at hand. (This is especially good, if your connection to the internet isn’t working.)

YouTube is great if you need help and the mechanic isn’t available. You can sometimes learn a shortcut to help shorten the time of the repair(s) that you are doing. Going to a highly rated professional site like Car and Driver, is a good place to start.

(Remember that you may not always get the proper way to do this right, as some folks don’t always use the right tools for the job, which can be very dangerous!)

You should always make sure that you have an automotive repair manual on hand. Every new(used) car I’ve had, I always made sure I had a repair manual. This is especially good if you know how to do some work on a car, but don’t have the repair details you need.

Are you looking for an Automotive Repair Manual? Check out Chilton’s Repair Manuals or Haynes Repair Manuals pages for that information. Just drop me a comment below or an email, and I will help you find the one you’re looking for.

PSI can also find them for older vehicles and some classics (for classics – some are very hard to come by or almost non-existent). Please let me know what you are looking for and I will do my best to find the one you’re looking for. Thank you!

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