Car Repair Safety Tips – Safety First

Car Repair Safety Tips – Safety First

Doing repairs yourself can save you a lot of money in the long run. Doing it the right way, and in a safe way, will help you to do these things easier and there will be no danger of the vehicle running you over when you’re under it or near it.

If you’re doing an oil change for example, make sure you have the right tools for the job, the right oil filter and oil.

Tools for Oil Change…

  • Chock Block (put under the REAR tire to keep car in place)
  • Jack Stands (adjustable to hold car up)
  • Car or Truck Jack (the truck one is designed to be heavier and to go up further. The distance from the ground to the truck body is greater than a car)
  • Oil Catch Pan
  • Oil Filter Wrench (they come in different sizes)
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil
  • Oil Funnel
  • An old, but clean milk/water jug to put the old oil in. (Return to auto parts store for recycling).




If you need to do a tire change, the same sort of procedure occurs and you will need these tools…

  • Chock Block
  • Owner’s or Repair Manual
  • Car or Truck Jack (the truck one is designed to be heavier and to go up further. The distance from the ground to the truck body is greater than a car)
  • Jack Stands (adjustable to hold car up)
  • Spare Tire or Donut (smaller spare not designed to drive over 60 miles – temporary fix)
  • A Breaker Bar
  • A Tool Kit – Has a Deep Socket Wrench with Sockets (socket goes over the lug nut. Most cars untighten to the LEFT side, if you own an old AMC vehicle, to untighten – unless it’s been changed – would be to the RIGHT side)
  • Follow directions in the Owner’s Manual or Repair Manual to change tire.


Also follows for any other repair, especially if the part being replaced has fluid in it. You should always have a chock block behind a tire even if it’s an automatic car and not just a manual shift one. Manual shift cars you ALWAYS use a Chock Block!

All these tools and parts can be found in your local auto parts store, places like Walmart, Lots ‘N More, and online as well. Online stores such Amazon, eBay, and other sites will have these as well.

If you have a question about a tool, a part, or just a general one, or if you’d like to leave a comment, please do so below. It helps me to help you and others!


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16 responses to “Car Repair Safety Tips – Safety First”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’d never even heard of a chock block until I ran across your post! lol. And I’ve definitely done my fair share of tire changes. I learned how to change them really well after finally getting the doughnut on (finally!) only to have the doughnut go flat as well! Thank you for the reminders on what I need to have in the trunk of my new car. Who taught you all you know about car maintenance?

    • Jennifer, I’ve learned a lot over the years of being around cars, in the automotive industry and people who work on them. A lot of folks who would come into the auto parts store and needed information on things. I give detailed step-by-step instructions to people who have never had to do things before and I enjoyed seeing the look of accomplishment on their face once I taught them what needed to be done … such as wiper blades.

  2. Anne says:

    My dad is a retired Airplane engineer, growing up i was always surrounded by mechanical projects, he had his own car shop, so i was able to learn some basic things and the info you provided is a great reminder for me.
    Even more now that if my car has a problem, im responsible 🙁
    I will check you other posts, the way you relied the information makes it easy to understand 🙂

    • I’m so glad that you were able to learn something. Yes, we are all responsible for the condition of our vehicles. Thanks for your comment!


      P.S. I would have loved to see that shop! I probably would have participated in those projects! LOL

  3. Maja says:

    Hi Sylvia,
    thank you for the great advice. I tried to replace the rubber one but I needed help.
    Here are good instructions. Excellent site.
    Best regards

  4. Nicole says:

    I hate always having to pay someone to change the oil in my car. Thanks for this information. I just may try to do it by myself and save $ in the future! As a female who knows nothing about cars, I thank you!


    • Well Nicole, you could always check out YouTube for “oil change on 2004 ford taurus” or whatever car you have, eHow is a good one too, or try a forum specific to your vehicle. Forums are great for learning about common issues as well. For the forum listings, just type into the Search “2004 Ford Taurus forum” and it will bring up a list. Hope this helps!

  5. JR Andrade says:

    Wow, thanks for this Sylvia =) I must admit, as a car owner, I have never troubled shoot my car by myself. Reading your article and hovering around your site inspired me to make it as a bucket list for this year to make sure I know at least one skill in car repair or maintenance. I agree, it will definitely save me more money, plus I get to feel empowered that I am able to take care of my car, by myself =) Thanks for this =)

    • You’re very welcome and this is the whole idea behind what I want to teach. It helps you to take control over the things you need to do in order to keep your vehicle in good shape and the feeling of accomplishment is a great thing! I’m glad you enjoyed the site.

  6. John Cohen says:

    Servicing your vehicle on your own amplifies your mechanical knowledge and I think this is one of the most enriching things about DIY car repair. No doubt, some maintenance tasks need professional supervision. On the contrary, there the instances will come where you have to deal with the inconvenience on your own to return back to the home safely. Some other benefits of DIY car repair are- 1)you can save money, 2)you can keep the used parts for the purpose of recycling, 3)you can be satisfied etc. But this DIY technique requires some specific repair tools without which you can’t give justice to your knowledge. Have a look at the service page here- to groom your expertise that will in turn help you to figure out the right tool required for the task at hand. Thanks for the commendable information.

  7. Auto maintainance ought to be done on a routinely premise as it shield from the further dangers and in the event that you are going then simply check your auto once and if auto needs any repairing at that point procure the proffessionalist which offers genuinbe administrations.

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