Cars and Railroad Crossings

Amtrak and Freight Trains

Trains are another form of transportation. Taking us from one place to another sometimes faster and other times a little longer. There are also those freight trains that also take products from one place to another. They are so much heavier than cars and trucks. If they have to stop it can take up to a mile or more depending on the speed of the train.

There are many railroad crossings in many towns, cities and states across the US and in the world. Usually there is train signal posts that flash and gates that come down to stop traffic as the trains need to cross over that road.

If there are no signals or gates in place, make sure you slow down and look both ways to make sure you aren’t going to get hit by a train. In some places, there is very little train traffic and sometimes the gates and lights may not work, so you still need to look both ways as you cross the tracks.

I live near the Springfield/Hartford line in Connecticut. The gates and lights are always operating when either Amtrak or the freight trains are coming through the area.

In the news, you will sometimes hear about someone getting stuck on the train tracks or they STOP on the tracks in traffic. The train is coming through and the vehicles in question get hit. People get hurt badly or are killed because they were on the tracks.

It’s weird thing if a car just stops working while on the train tracks and the driver isn’t aware of a train coming down the track. If your car dies on the tracks – get everyone out of the car! You don’t know if a train is coming and they cannot stop quickly!


If you are driving in traffic and you are close to the train tracks, there is usually a line on the road before them. Stop on the line or before the gates if no line, until traffic is cleared enough for you to get completely past the gates. This way, you’re not stuck if a train shows up, while you are waiting for traffic.

In Connecticut, the buses, no matter if it’s a school, elderly or regular one, are always required to stop before the tracks. It’s to keep people safe. Vehicle should follow a similar pattern, so that you stay safe.

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