Cheap Automotive Accessories Online

Cheap Automotive Accessories Online

Cheap Automotive Accessories

Everyday there are people searching for cool, new items for their vehicles.  These are called accessories as it is something you add to your car that is either decorative or useful.

There are many places on the internet to find inexpensive and fun accessories for your vehicle. Things such as eyelashes for cars, vent visors that keep out the inclement weather such as rain and snow, bug deflectors or bug shields that are placed on the front of the vehicle to help keep bugs off the windshield, air fresheners of different sizes, shapes, and fragrances, lens covers for lights, off road lights and light bars for off road use, and more.

The Picture shows a visor organizer, a CD holder for your sun visor, other little mirrors, rearview mirror replacement, clips and other things.

On the left side, you’ll see a compass, seatbelt slides (cover to wrap around it – comfort), digital clock and more!

You can find High Performance parts and accessories at places called “Speed Shops”.  In Connecticut, I know there is one on the Manchester/Vernon line called National Speed Center. They carry a lot of aftermarket accessories for cars and trucks.

To find an accessory online, you go to the search bar, type in what you’re looking for… say vent visors.

You will see a listing of places you can buy them from. These online stores will have that item; Amazon , Auto Zone, Advance Auto, JC Whitney, Walmart, and more.

There are two different kinds of vent visors… in-channel and tape-on standard.  They can be also referred to as wind deflectors.

To find inexpensive ones, type in cheap window vent visors and then check out the list of stores online until you find a good price and the particular one you are looking for. There are window visors and sunroof ones. They also come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Let’s discuss the way these two different types of vent visors are installed…The in-channel is installed inside the window groove where the windows roll up. They tend to stay in place much better.The tape-on standard type have double-sided tape to stick them into place. You have to clean up the areas of installation really well, making sure there is no type of oil residue is there or the tape will not stick.

To find the right vent-visor, you can either look at the top of the vent-visor package for year, make, model, body style (2-door, 4-door, sedan (trunk), coupe (sometimes a hatchback). If you aren’t sure, ask someone in the parts store to assist you in finding the correct one for your vehicle.

The whole idea behind the vent visors is to be able to get air flow into the car when it’s raining, snowing, foggy or even muggy outside. Those are the times when the windows may fog up, the defroster can’t keep up. Vent Visors allow you to open the window without getting the rain, snow, sleet, and whatever other precipitation on you as you drive along.

There are people who like the tape-on vent visors, while others prefer the in-channel ones. It just depends on your tastes and what you’d like it to look like on the car.

Having the information you need to get the accessories you are looking for, are now in your hands.

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