Dangers of Driving and Cellphones – Use Bluetooth

Dangers of Driving and Cellphones – Use Bluetooth

Driving and Cellphones

Cellphones… they’re everywhere. We use them for talking and texting. We use them when we have to call for help, we take photos and videos and then share them. We use covers to protect them from damage.

There are so many different brands of cellphones. Some of the most popular cellphones are the iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and others. They can do so much. You can take pictures, upload photos to Facebook, and other social sites, download apps, use it for GPS, talk and text, and more!

One of the biggest problems we face currently, is that people are texting and talking while driving. It’s one of the biggest distracted driving issues we have.


If you were ever a taxicab, limousine, or van driver, you would need to learn how to drive and use a radio at the same time. If you can’t drive and use the radio, you pull off the side of the road to call in. When you’re done, you just continue onto wherever you were going safely.

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As the saying goes… “not everyone can chew gum and walk at the same time”. It’s the same with cellphone use.

That’s why we have hands-free technology such as Bluetooth. If your vehicle isn’t equipped with that technology, you can get Bluetooth put into the car. It’s also sold as an “aftermarket” product and there are places that can install it.

In Connecticut, we have a No Texting/Hands-Free (No Hands on the Phone) Cellphone law here. If you get caught driving while talking and/or texting, you will get fined and a ticket for doing that – if you don’t get into an accident first and then it’s so much worse.

ONLY Emergency Personnel are exempt from this law. That would include Police, Fire, and EMT/EMS (Ambulance) folks. The law in Connecticut does not allow for taxicab drivers, van drivers, or limo drivers to be allowed to use their phones while driving either.

Don’t take selfies or videos when you’re driving!

I see so many people talking on their phones while driving. It makes them drive faster, fail to use turn signals, pay attention to other drivers around them and other necessary safe driving techniques. It scares me to think that some folks think that the cellphone is more important than driving.

It’s a little hard to come back from the dead to say you’re sorry or to kill someone else and not want to take responsibility for that person’s death. If you are driving with that cellphone on your face or texting, and you lose control of the vehicle and crash, you ARE very responsible!

If you are a Business person and Absolutely have to be on the phone all the time, use the BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY! If you have to do ANY TEXTING, pull into a parking lot and put the vehicle in PARK! You never know if you pull off to the side of the road, if another Distracted Driver is going to hit you… so be safe and get OFF the road!


Cellphone Accessories

There are also many accessories that you can get for your cellphone. One of them is to hold the cellphone in place, so that you are hands-free. Bluetooth hooks up through the radio so that you can talk or talk-to-text hands-free. You should use this technology at all times! 

There are cellphone chargers, ear buds, holders, covers, a pouch to carry it in, stands, tools, credit card holders, mounts and more. (iPhone now has a watch that is the cellphone.)

There are many places in which you can purchase accessories for your phone(s). There are different auto parts stores, department stores like Kmart, Walmart, specialty stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, and other online stores as well.

Do you need to find some good gadgets for  your cellphone, such as chargers, suction cups, bluetooth technology and other necessary items – VISIT HERE

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  1. Emeolu says:

    You are absolutely correct that driving and using cellphone is a hazard we are facing on the roads. It is a part of our life despite the hazards it is posing. There are laws against that but that is not deterring people from using it whenever they are driving. The use of Bluetooth was recommended to reduce this but still to no avail.

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