Did You Know That Auto Parts Stores…

Auto parts stores price match?

If you go to an auto parts store after searching online for car parts and find a store (brick & mortar) within the area (usually located 25-100 miles around that store) that carries the same part (also means it has to have the same warranty, features and maybe even the same part number) for a lower price. Most part stores will price match IF you have proof that it’s lower. That means a print out of the part, the part number and the price. The technology we have now, actually allows us to show the person at the counter the information from our cellphones.

You can get the same part from a different source other than the parts store?

I like to shop online. RockAuto is one of my favorites for getting auto parts for the car. If you have a part number (from a parts store or the VIN number of the car) they can find the right part for your car. It will fit the car because they have accurate parts for the car that FIT. I’ve never received a part from them that wasn’t exactly like the one in my car. The car dealers use the site too, to save money on repairs. I also love eBay! eBay will have the part I need at less money and sure I have to wait for it, but I know it’s the right one.  If you can’t wait, then scroll around to the other part stores online and see if you can get it at a lower price (Price Match).

You can order parts online and pick them up at the store?

YES, you can order your parts online at a particular store location and then go and pick them up. HOWEVER… realize that some of these parts may say they’re in-stock and may not be in-stock and you may have to order them (special order or from another store location). Call first to make they are physically in-stock and have them set them aside for you with your name on it. Don’t wait! Pick them up right away! Someone else may need those parts and if you don’t get them right away, the store may not hold them and sell them to someone else.

Forums online are designed to help you with your specific vehicle?

If you are searching online to find out what a problem is with your car, and you get a lot of mixed information, a forum with folks who own the same vehicle can help you. They’ve been through the headache and they’ve found a way to find the right answer and get it fixed. There is something called “Process of Elimination” which no matter what answer you get doesn’t seem to be the right one, so you start with the most inexpensive one and go from there. (Trust me… it’s usually something inexpensive such as a fuse, rather than a major part replacement… been there, done that.)

NAPA honors AAA?

NAPA is one part store I absolutely love to shop in. Yes, it can be expensive, but you get the right part you’re looking for most of the time. I rarely get a part that doesn’t fit. They honor AAA … the company that does roadside assistance. If you go into the store to buy a part and you have AAA, ask them if they accept it. I can save a lot of money that way.

You’re a business owner – that you you can get a commercial account(s) at the local part store(s)?

I used to work in the Commercial dept of the auto parts store so I know this. If you own a business and you fix your own vehicles, you SHOULD get a commercial account at the different part stores.  You can choose to have tax free parts and pay the tax at the end of the year or have your parts taxed and not worry about it. (These rules may have changed and you should check it out first. I will check on it as I’m planning to set up these type of accounts myself.)

Highest Decorated Veteran in CT 2014

Auto parts stores Honor our Veterans and Active Military folks?

If you ask the question, you will get an answer. I did a quick search on this and found out that YES, most part stores Honor the military … Veterans as well as active military folks. You will have to ask what the discount is, as I have no idea. Different stores may have different discounts.

I hope this helps you to save a bit of money in the long run. I do whatever I can to help people save money as well.

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10 responses to “Did You Know That Auto Parts Stores…”

  1. Rick says:

    This is great to know. I’m not a mechanic or am I completely ignorant but this article is great to help understand some of the things that are available to us.

  2. garry says:

    great information for eveyone but especially for women as alot of times for what ever reason shops and stores try to get over on women they will learn of the empowered woman soon if they have not i shall pass this info to all my lady friends!

  3. Jude says:

    Great tips here. Thankfully I haven’t had to order any parts yet. Car is under one year of age but I’m sure somewhere down the road, I will have to. I like the idea that business owners can apply for commercial account. This can be helpful for tax rebate, as I’m doing the same for computer accessories bought for the company.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks, very informative. I know sometimes prices vary widely. Did not realize you could pick up in the store when ordering online.

  5. Tim O'Brien says:

    Great site, Sylvia, lots and lots of useful information that I never knew about.
    One additional fact that your subscribers might like: every $ spent locally circulates 8 times before it leaves your area; a dollar spent online leaves your area immediately!

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