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  1. Rick says:

    This is great to know. I’m not a mechanic or am I completely ignorant but this article is great to help understand some of the things that are available to us.

  2. garry says:

    great information for eveyone but especially for women as alot of times for what ever reason shops and stores try to get over on women they will learn of the empowered woman soon if they have not i shall pass this info to all my lady friends!

  3. Jude says:

    Great tips here. Thankfully I haven’t had to order any parts yet. Car is under one year of age but I’m sure somewhere down the road, I will have to. I like the idea that business owners can apply for commercial account. This can be helpful for tax rebate, as I’m doing the same for computer accessories bought for the company.

  4. Jim says:

    Thanks, very informative. I know sometimes prices vary widely. Did not realize you could pick up in the store when ordering online.

  5. Tim O'Brien says:

    Great site, Sylvia, lots and lots of useful information that I never knew about.
    One additional fact that your subscribers might like: every $ spent locally circulates 8 times before it leaves your area; a dollar spent online leaves your area immediately!

  6. Amanda Drew says:

    I need to get some new brake pads for my car because it has started to make screeching sounds whenever I do brake. The problem is that I don’t know where to go. I like how you say that you can go to an auto parts store and call to see if they have the part in stock then get them to set it aside for you. That sounds perfect, so I’ll just need to find an auto parts store near me to get those brake pads from.

    • I have a suggestion for you… go online and search for “brake pads for 2010 ford focus (your car)” and look at all the prices. Most auto parts stores will price match if you bring proof (such as the same part listed on your phone) from a different store in the area one that you can walk into. (The technicalities are it has to be same part, made with the same material and same warranty.) They WILL NOT price match from EBAY or AMAZON or any of those type stores. The online prices may be cheaper and you can get the best price for your money. Some auto parts stores may have a coupon to save you more money when you go to buy the part.

      I had to get prices on brakes and rotors the other day as my Buick is doing the same thing. I always change both … safer that way.

      I hope this helps! 😀

      • Tim Hughes says:

        You should always resurface or replace your rotors when replacing the pads. As brakes wear the rotor surface becomes uneven and the new, smooth pads will not make full contact with the worn rotor, which can cause brake fade making it harder to stop the car, especially in a panic stop situation. Most auto parts stores in my area offer a service to resurface rotors for around $15 to $20 each.

  7. I didn’t know that you could order car parts over the internet! I like how you said that you should look for parts that are specific to your type of vehicle. My husband and I are looking into used auto parts for our truck; thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Ashley!

      Start with the Junkyards (Salvage yards). The link that helps you find what you are looking for is car-parts.com. It has a listing of all the junkyards and if yours doesn’t have the part, ask the place you find one if they can send it to your local one. Also find out if they have one in the same color as yours … they can do that too!

      Good luck with the truck!

  8. It sure is nice when you said that when it comes to shopping for car parts, most stores will match the price of the part that I need if I have proof that it really is lower than the price they are selling it for. Maybe a price tag will work. I know that a friend of mine has bought a car part that I also need a few weeks back, and I can ask him to give the price tag to me. After all, I would not want to pay more than the part is worth. Thank you.

    • If you have a phone with a camera, I would just take a picture of the price tag. Make sure it’s clear as the person behind the counter has to be able to read what’s on it. As long as it has the item number or sku match, then they may do that. I can’t speak for the companies themselves, they all have different policies.

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