Hood Lift Supports

Hood Lift Supports

Hood, Hatch, Trunk Lift Supports

Some cars have hood, hatch or trunk lifts (or shocks) which are either gas-charged or hydraulic. Others will have a hood support (large piece of slim metal that is on the radiator support that lifts and fits in a hole in the hood to hold it open).


If you went into the parts store to find one, you might find a Mighty Lift Application Guide (for Gas-Charged lifts) like this to look through. These lifts aren’t just for hoods. There are listings for hatchbacks and trunks as well.

If the auto parts store does not have that part in stock, ask them if they can order it for you. Sometimes they can get it to you in a day or two, sometimes it can take up to a week or more (especially if it’s a special order – which you must prepay). They cannot carry all the lifts for all vehicles because they only have so much space for the common ones they do have.

The package has the number on it that the book specifies for your vehicle. You can look for it in the rack where it is kept, if it’s on the floor. If you need help, please ask someone there if they can help you find it. The directions are inside for replacing the old ones with the new ones.

~Remember, it takes two people to do this as someone needs to hold up the side of the hood you are replacing the lift support on.

Pictured to the left is the hood lift supports for an Acura TL 2009 To 2014 Front Hood that are gas charged. (No hydraulic fluid.)

These lifts are replacements for the ones that go bad. A bad one will not hold up the hood, hatch or trunk.

Please DO NOT place a stick in there to hold it up it goes bad! If you have to do repairs for ANY reason – you could knock the stick out and get seriously hurt!

 Do not do this job by yourself!

You will need someone to help you either remove or replace the lift, hold the hood, hatch or trunk while you do it. (There are pinch points if you have your fingers or hand in the wrong place.)

         ALWAYS read the directions first before doing ANYTHING!

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