Hot Weather and Tire Issues

Hot Weather and Tire Issues

When was the last time you checked your spare tire? Do you even have one in your vehicle? If you do, check the tire pressure on it or have someone who knows help you to do that. It loses air after awhile and you want to make sure it’s properly inflated in case you need to change a tire and use that one.


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You should always stay on top of the tire thing especially in the summer. Car accidents leave parts in the road, contractors sometimes have nails and things fall off their truck, and glass in the road doesn’t help either. The tires are more susceptible to sharp objects then at any other time of the year. Tires are softer because of the heat on the road and the friction to the tires from driving them.



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I see a lot of folks along the highway on a daily basis during the hot weather pulled over and pulling out the jack and tire to replace the tire. Sometimes there is a service vehicle there to help do that, such as AAA (American Automobile Association) or someone stops to help.  

I had to change a tire recently on one of the cars I was driving. A truck was passing on the left hand side, and then I heard something hit the underside of the car, and then heard a pop. The tire light came on right away to tell me there was a problem (looks like an exclamation point inside parentheses [!] ) I decided that getting off the highway was a better way to do that safely and since the exit ramp wasn’t far, I very slowly with the warning, hazard, or flashers on, drove off the highway and into the nearest parking lot. I got help from someone who was just parked there and used to be a diesel mechanic. I can change a tire myself but I’m very grateful to him for helping me out. 


You should invest in a tire depth gauge. What is that you ask? Well it measures the depth of the tread on the tire to let you know when it’s time for new ones. If it falls behind 4/32nds on the gauge or if you turn the Lincoln penny on it’s head and the tread doesn’t reach the top of it, time for a change (that’s an old school trick I learned a long time ago.)


If the tire looks light colored and is cracked, it’s probably dry rotted and you will want to replace it right away. It’s dangerous to drive around on tires like that.


If the rim of the tire’s wheel is rusty around the edges, it needs to be cleaned off as it will also let air out. Sometimes rusty wheels will affect the “bead” and it will leak.




I know when it’s time to put air in my tires as the car will sometimes feel like I’m dragging it along. You have to check the tires when they are COLD in order to get the right tire reading on the gauge. Check the sidewall for the amount you are supposed to have in it. Add the proper air inflation to the tire. (In the winter, you don’t put as much in as you need more tire on the road to help with traction.)


Especially in the hot weather, please check your tires to see if they need air or need to be changed to something better, safer, less noisy (tires can make a lot of noise depending on what they are) and will drive for a longer time. 


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