Hot Weather Tips – Summertime Driving

Hot Weather Tips – Summertime Driving

Tips for Keeping it Cool


Summer is a time of extreme hot weather. Cars in hot weather that are not maintained properly tend to overheat easily or have other issues.

After going through a rough winter, and all that excessively aggressive de-icer stuff they put on the roads, which tends to eat through things like aluminum coolant lines (air conditioning), brake lines, the body, and other things.


Why Recharge the Air Conditioner in April?

The cost of Freon (the cold product that keeps the air cold) on the off-season is a heck of a lot less money than if you went in say the end of May. This is the time of year that everyone needs a recharge, a system test and a recharge or a repair to the system.

There are people who must stay cool in the summer time as they cannot stand the heat. Older people, kids, animals… people with medical issues or have had heat stroke in the past.


Two Different Kinds of Freon

One is the regular kind of Freon that comes in the car when you buy it. It’s also the one the garage uses to replace it should your system be low.

The other one is the super cold one. That is like the ultimate in cold air for the car. Some cars don’t get really cold with the regular stuff, so using the colder stuff isn’t going to hurt it. It’s the same product only it creates colder air.

You should always get one with a hose on it.

Always read the directions as the Freon is just like Propane in a sense… you don’t fill it all the way up as it needs space to expand.



You should make sure you have good tires on the car in the warmer weather as well. When it rains you are hydro-planing or driving on water. This is especially important when it’s really pouring outside,leaving a lot of water on the road and visibility is very limited.

For roads that are newly paved and get wet, the oil is still sitting on top. Oil and water do not mix, so it sits on top of the water, as it is a lighter substance. In either scenario, it would be just like driving on ice at times.  Please drive slower in these conditions so that you don’t hurt or kill anyone or yourself.


Tune Up

Time to change the spark plugs, the air filter, cabin filter, cap and rotor, spark plug wires or coils and keep up with the oil changes. Do this also with the engine coolant.

If your transmission fluid needs changing (usually every 30,000 miles), then bring it to the transmission shop to have it done.

Spark plugs are now rated for higher miles. You man have spark plugs that are rated for 100,000 miles. (Refer to your owner’s manual for the right spark plug for your vehicle.)  You can hurt the car if you put the wrong ones in.

If you change your own plugs, please make sure you GAP them properly. If you don’t know how to do that, see someone who does and make sure you check the owner’s manual for the gap measurements.

Older cars have spark plug wires. The Buick plug wires goes over the valve cover and some are designed to go under it. If you have to remove the valve covers to change the plugs, you will need a new valve cover gasket as well. You cannot use the old one as it won’t work. (It’s like using old tape. Once you peel it off, it’s no good anymore.)



After the winter and roads that have become torn up by plows and salt, you need to have your suspension checked. Holes in the road can break your steering parts, and your suspension if you hit them hard enough.

Also make sure to get an alignment on your front end. You can end up losing a weight on one of your tires causing it to create a vibration in the steering, that may drive you crazy every time you get into your vehicle to go somewhere.


Wiper Blades

You should replace wiper blades every six months. They don’t make them like they used to and they tend to wear out fast in bad weather. Snow, sleet, freezing rain (in winter) or rain can cause them to wear out quickly depending on how often the weather goes bad. You can reduce the wear on the blades by using RainX on the glass after cleaning it. It helps the water to bead up and you can see much easier and not have to use the wiper blades as much, especially if you have an intermittent setting on them.

You can also put RainX in the washer tank and spray it onto the window to clean it and reapply it to the glass.

RainX makes an orange colored De-Icer which is an all-season one, a purple De-Icer which is -35 degrees, a green one as it is has a bug remover product in it. They all help to create beading on the glass, so that you don’t wear out the wipers.


I hope these tips have helped you to make the right choices for your vehicle. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, I would love to hear from you! Please put them in the comment box below.

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