How Do I Prepare Car For Winter – 8 Tips

How Do I Prepare Car For Winter – 8 Tips

What do I need to get my vehicle ready for winter?

I recommend doing these things in preparation for the winter weather, because it will help to prevent problems and breakdowns.


What I usually do before winter, is I have someone check my cooling system. Radiator, hoses, water pump, heater core, coolant tank and flush the system. Mechanics can pressure test the radiator to check for leaks or possible weak spots that could cause your radiator to let go. Coolant is what keeps the engine cool, and the heater core producing heat. Have your coolant system flushed out. (You can check the owner’s manual for how often that has to be done.)


I check my tires for wear and possibly change the tires if they aren’t good for snow. I like all season radial tires, but they don’t work well on all cars. You should also keep the air in the tires at a lower tire pressure because you need more tire for better traction in the winter. Snow tires are best. They grip the snow to keep the vehicle moving.

If you decide on studded tires, be aware of the fact that not all tires come with studs. Some tires have to have them put in and that’s an extra cost to you. Studs are usually good for helping to get home if old man winter decides to throw some sleet or freezing rain into things and the roads freeze.


If I need to, I invest in a extender broom for brushing the sleet and snow off the car. Works really good if you’re short and can’t reach the roof of the car really well. (By law, you must clear your vehicle off – especially the roof.)

You can buy the snow broom online from Amazon, Walmart, or shop your local Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys and other auto parts stores. 



This year, I’m preparing to buy a windshield cover that covers the windshield and wipers in case of heavy sleet and ice. They can be a real pain to remove if we get a lot of sleet or ice. (Helps to keep from tearing up the wipers blades that will normally get stuck to the glass in the ice.)

These covers are magnetic and once placed with stick to your vehicle to keep from blowing away on windy days, keep your wipers and windshield covered from snow, sleet, freezing rain and hail. Some folks even use them to keep off the pollen in the spring,  or if they park in a dirt lot, helps to keep off the sand and keep the leaves out of the lower part of the glass where they can build up and block water drainage.


To keep your doors from freezing shut, you can use this spray that is called silicone. (I buy this particular one – shown above.) It’s sold in most auto parts, hardware, places such as Walmart in the automotive isle and online as well. Take a soft cloth, spray the silicone on it really well so it’s wet. Wipe around the seal of the door (usually rubber).

If the snow gets in the door frame, you close your door and it gets cold enough, it could freeze shut. The silicone keeps it from doing that. You can also spray it into your snowblower against the area where the snow comes out so that it doesn’t get stuck and jam the machine.



I change the wiper blades every 6 months. Nothing is made like it used to be. They are changed in October and in April. There are two different types of wiper blades to choose from…

  1. You can use the normal everyday ones that come with the vehicle. They are plain and can wipe away the snow, sleet and rain and freezing rain. 

      2. The other one is the covered blade. It’s designed to wipe away the snow, sleet and freezing rain without it collecting inbetween the blade and the wiper arm. If you have to change a blade in the winter and you have frozen snow, sleet or ice on it, it will be very difficult to remove the blade because it’s frozen on there.


I use RainX on the glass and the mirrors outside the car before the snow flies. It’s a type of wax. Once it’s rubbed into the glass and mirrors really good, it lets the snow, sleet, rain, and freezing rain slide off of them helping you to see better out of them. I do that when it’s warm enough. The directions are on the bottle and you should read them first before applying the RainX in order to get the best results. 

I swear by the RainX deicer fluid. I’ve never had it freeze up. They’ve now come up with one that’s -35 degrees Fahrenheit.  Let the car warm up a bit before using it. It works better when the car is warming up then at the initial cold start up. 



I also keep a can of deicer spray on hand. Sometimes you need it to un-stick your wiper blades and deice the glass if you don’t have a ice cover for your vehicle. I keep it in the house at night so that it won’t freeze and I can use it on the glass come morning if I need to. I’ve used deicer for years and it’s never hurt the car in any way.


Start to prepare for winter now. Sometimes the things we need most at the time we need them, they’re usually all sold out. Buy ahead of time, then you will have them when the bad weather comes. Here in the US,  the snow will be here before we know it.


Thank you for visiting today! Please leave a comment, suggestion or question below as I check back frequently.  Be safe out there!

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  1. Winter is harsh for vehicles. In some regions ,there is heavy snowfall. Therefore it is recommended to use snow tires in vehicles which are able to provide better grip on the snowy road. The engine oil and all other fluids become thick during this time. So it is suggested to use comparatively thinner oil and other fluids. Car battery is affected the most during winter. So, it is advised to check the condition of the battery before the arrival of winter. If it is found to be in bad condition then we must replace it.

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