New Keys And Key Fobs – Extra Set or New Remote

New Keys And Key Fobs – Extra Set or New Remote

New Car or Truck Keys

To make new keys for the newer cars and trucks these days, one must bring a set of keys to be made and go to a hardware store that cuts keys with the “chip” already installed in them, buy them online or go to the dealership to obtain another one. The newer car keys have a computer chip embedded in them.

credit card chip


The chip is a micro-computer that the car company puts in the key to talk to the car’s computer in order to start the car. (Think of the chipped key as a credit card with a chip in it, that the credit card machine reads to take the money for a purchase.)

If you just get a key made for the vehicle, one that doesn’t have the chip,  the computer in the car will not be able to read it and allow the car to turn over. It’s part of the anti-theft system.

Hardware stores such as Star Hardware, Rice Hardware, Ace Hardware and other stores have the technology to cut a new key with a chip already in it.



For keyless remote, such as ones on the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincolns, you would program a code into it via the information in your owner’s manual.  It’s located above the driver’s door handle.


The old car keys from the 70’s and 80’s were just keys. Similar to the ones you open the door to your home with. One key for the door/the glove box and one for the ignition. The ignition key was only for the ignition lock inside the car. They were all metal in different shapes and sizes.


The square on in the picture to the left was for the ignition and the round one for the door/trunk.


The keys shown are similar to the keys I had for my 1985 Chevy Cavalier.


The newer cars may have only one key entry on keyless entry that you need a remote to unlock and open the door. If you only have a key and no key fob or remote (the thing with the door open/lock, trunk, and alarm buttons on it), then you place it in the door lock and turn it one way or another to open it, unless the car is missing the remote in which case you should get one.

Some new cars don’t even have keys to start the vehicle, just a remote to open the door, use in the ignition or set the alarm. Some custom cars have just a remote to open the door, lock and unlock the door or set the alarm.

When you use the remote to lock the car it also disengages the starter so that the vehicle will not start until you unlock it with the remote. It acts just like an anti-theft device, so the thieves cannot start the vehicle.

Key Fobs or Remotes

Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Key Fobs or Remotes usually come with at least one set of keys. It is the way to lock, unlock, alarm your car and open your trunk or hatch. On some vehicles it may also have a button to start the vehicle.

The alarm button on the car can also be used to alert someone if you are in danger! The newer cars, you just press the alarm button and the car alarm goes off either driving the person off or to bring help.


You can buy the remotes anywhere. You can find them in the auto parts stores and online and they usually run about $60. You might be able to find them cheaper online, but it will still need to be programmed to your car or it will not work. You still need the car or truck information in order to buy the right fob or remote.

If you’ve never programmed a remote before and have no idea how to do that, you can leave it to the professionals or take it to a dealership and ask them to help you program it to your car or go online to learn how to program your own car or truck remote – Click here.

If you have a car that has never had a fob or remote, find out if you can get one for your older car. There is a place in my home town that specializes in electronics, digital products, glass, tinting and a whole lot more. You can even check with a place like Long Radio.

The keys on some cars are the remote. It has a remote built into the top of the key. Different cars have different keys and remotes, so depending on what you have for a vehicle, will depend upon the kind of remote you buy.


Car and Truck Remotes


Were you aware that you can get a cover for your key fob/remote? If your key chain holder is broken on the remote, you just get one of the covers and it has the key holder on it! Just put your remote cover on, add your key(s) and go.

There are many different things you can get with the remote in order to keep it in good condition. Blank keys, covers, replacement parts, and batteries and learning how to program the remote yourself.



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