Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s Manual

The Owner’s Manual can be found in every new car, truck, crossover or SUV. It’s either in the glove box or in the console.  In order for you to take proper care of your vehicle, all of the basic knowledge you need is in your owner’s manual.

The Owner’s Manual covers things such as …

  1.   Type of fuel.
  2.  How to change the time on the car.
  3.  Fluids and where they go.
  4.  How to use the radio/cassette/CD player.
  5.  Where to find and change fuses.
  6.  Troubleshooting
  7.  Warranty information and more…

90% of the population will Never read this manual.  Everything you pretty much need to know is in there.  Whatever isn’t, you can learn to do, as I have. It isn’t rocket science.

Most people would rather go to the garage, the parts store, the mechanic or somewhere else like YouTube (which isn’t always the proper way to do things) for that instant information.  Folks tend to be so “pressed for time” that they couldn’t be bothered” with reading the information that they already have at their disposal.

In dealing with cars, trucks and SUV problems, Instant Gratification isn’t always the answer!

I was also ignorant about the information on my car for a long time. I didn’t want to “waste” time reading the manual and finding out what I needed to know, and it was already available to me for free! You will waste more time running around to find the information.  Take the time to read the manual, you’ll be surprised at what you find in there.

There may be other manuals included with the owner’s manual. Those are manuals on radio/stereo system, alarm system, and even GPS.

Did you know, that in some newer manuals, such as my 2003 Buick, there is information on how to properly clean the vehicle? It tells you what types of products you need, so that you don’t ruin it.

Always keep a Repair Manual on hand as well. That acts as a back up, when the trouble-shooting or repair information part of the owner’s manual isn’t enough.

Did your used car not come with an owner’s manual?  All cars, trucks, suvs,motorcycles and more initially came with an owner’s manual so it’s important to have one.

You can search and find your owner’s manual here: Owner’s Manual.

Did you find this article to be informative? Did it leave you with more questions? Feel free to post a comment or a question below. Thanks!


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