Personalized Items

Personalized Items

Cool Personalized Items

Everyone loves personalized items right? Special items for home, car, office, and more! It’s the uniqueness of the whole idea, that is impressive in itself.

Personalized items can also cause you to become a target. Let’s say you sell specific items and you carry samples in your vehicle. Those samples could cost a pretty penny if they are the really good stuff. The personalized plate or advertisement on your car says that this is what you do.

Make sure you insure the samples that you are showing to customers and any other business equipment (computers, cellphone or whatever) in case the vehicle is broken into. Make sure you have full coverage (business insurance) on your car to cover you.

If you have a personalized plate, and you drive the vehicle like you stole it, the cops… if they catch you (and you don’t create an accident), because the vehicle is easily spotted by the personalized license plate. I see that every single day. People who have personalized plates seem to drive way too fast (most of the time), and your also a target for getting pulled over.

Create Your Personalized Plate Holder

I am in the process of creating specialized license plate holders. The reason for this is because what I’m looking for isn’t out there. I will have to create it myself. I created the license plate holder for someone I work with.

They are also being offered in black as well. I want a specific license plate frame for my business, but I want it to stand out.

Some of us are very creative and we will create t-shirts, logos, key chains, pins, and other things that people either request, or order special online.

You can find specialty items on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and other sites. I have found quite a few in those places and it doesn’t cost me a fortune, unless I want to spend extra money on someone as a gift. I have done that in the past.

Truck Murals

I hope this helps you. This is that time of year that folks are looking for specialty items for their vehicles, since you can finally wash and clean the car up and then add cool stuff to it.

Please let me know if I can help find something you’re looking for. I enjoy researching products.

Please leave a comment, question or suggestion below!  Thanks for visiting today!


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6 responses to “Personalized Items”

  1. Hello. I have seen so many cars out there now days with their very own personalized decoration. It is very nice to see that each one has something that is unique to them. I love the idea of starting to create your own license plate holders. Very interesting thought. I hope it becomes a huge success for you. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Melissa!

      Thank you! I appreciate the comment! I enjoy creating things and I’m going to create my own license plate holder when I get the ones I ordered in. Designed especially to promote the site.

  2. Sharlee says:

    Hi Sylvia
    I am quite curious to see your license plate holders, that sounds like a great idea.
    Thank you also for the other things to keep in mind when having personalized plate holders – that was very valuable – eg. full insurance on samples and to watch our driving behavior, since you are right, people will ultimately connect our driving manners to our website – oops, Hubby better make sure that he sets a good example! 😉 LOL!

    • Hi Sharlee, I will have the plate holders on Tuesday. When I get home from work, I will create my set (some states have two plates – others only one) and I will post a picture of them here. I live in a two-plate state.

  3. I like how you said that everyone loves personalized items for their car, office, home, and more. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit bored with my car because it’s appearance has been the same for so long. I’m glad I read your article because it gave me the idea to get some new items like a license plate frame and steering wheel cover.

    • I think we all go through that phase. I get bored with mine too and try to find creative ways to make it look better. Sometimes washing it and giving it a bit more detail cleaning can make all the difference in the world. 😀

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