Personalized License Plate Holders

I’m creating special License Plate Holders

These are specially designed for you. We all have things that are very special to us… a child, a grandparent, an event – whether happy or sad, to remember someone or something.


I designed this one below for a lady I work with to go with her personalized License plate in memory of her daughter, who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 24.  She asked me to create this one with that in mind.

The lady at work loved this frame so much, that instead of using it for her car, she is putting it on her wall with her photos. I think she’s going to use it as a picture frame.  That’s her decision, but I wanted to help with the remembrance.


These License Plate Holders are mine. It’s on a Black frame with Gold sparkle lettering.

I can get blue, red, silver and gold sparkle letters. I can get plain shiny letters in red, blue, silver and gold.

I currently have only Black frames available. I will be getting the metal frames soon.  (They are more expensive.)


To order each Personalized License Plate Holder, please click the amount(s) and make a payment.  Please tell me what color your car is. Also let me know what color letters you want. One color per plate holder.  

I accept PayPal and Postal Money Orders. PayPal accepts Debit/Credit Cards, and Checks.  (It can take up to 14 days for a check to clear.)  You can mail me the Postal Money Order, as you can email me and request my mailing address (all orders processed upon receipt of payment.)


1 Personalized License Plate Holder Black $15 each 

2 Personalized License Plate Holder Black $25 each


When you order them, please make sure you include your actual name and address so that I can send it/them to the proper address. (If it’s a GIFT, I will need to know that.)

If you would be so kind, as to please leave me a valid email address, so that I’m able to send you the tracking information (only in the US) and Date of Arrival for it/them. Thank you!


If you are interested in a personalized plate, you may order using the links above or email me here: or  HERE.  Thanks for Visiting today!


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