Personalized License Plate Holders

I’m creating special License Plate Holders


These are specially designed for you. We all have things that are very special to us… a child, a grandparent, an event – whether happy or sad, to remember someone or something.


I designed this one below for a lady I work with to go with her personalized License plate in memory of her daughter, who was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 24.  She asked me to create this one with that in mind.


Remembrance Frame


The lady at work loved this frame so much, that instead of using it for her car, she is putting it on her wall with her photos. I think she’s going to use it as a picture frame.  That’s her decision, but I wanted to help with the remembrance.

I’m also going to be getting blank plates that can be created to put on the vehicle as well. You can also order a plain one if you wish to make your own.


If you are interested in a personalized plate, you may email me here: or  HEREI will provide details on how you may have one created for you or as a gift.


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