Quick Auto Repair Fixes

Quick Auto Repair Fixes

Cheap Fixes That Look Dreadful

We see lousy quick repairs on different vehicles as we are traveling from one place to another, at the light, in a parking lot, at the garage, or in other places. The cars look absolutely dreadful. You’d think that someone would take more pride in their vehicle.


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In places where they have yearly inspections, if your car looks that bad, the police may tag it and tow it. You also may have to pay a fine to get the car out of impound.

Cars are involved in accidents everyday and it’s getting worse. People aren’t paying attention to the road. They are changing the radio station, setting up the GPS, on their cellphone whether talking with the phone in their hand or texting (illegal in most states) eating or any other distraction.

If your car gets damaged and you get a check to fix it – DO IT!  It may have a bumper cover that isn’t secure, broken mirror or glass, shredded plastic or anything else that can cause injury.


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The duck-taped fender or mirror, missing rearview mirror (inside car), missing driver/passenger mirror altogether, no headlights or bumper cover, color-taped rear lights lens, plastic covering the window because it won’t go up anymore or someone broke into the car, or the bungee cord or rubber tie-down to tie down a hood, a trunk, or a hatchback.

Duck tape on rust to keep it from rusting any further on the car (they make a spray paint to change the rust to primer).

If you are going to do these quick fixes (sometimes called mickey-mouse jobs), they are only TEMPORARY fixes! You should always repair them the right way as soon as you can.


The bumper cover that is not even there, zip-tied or duck-taped into place, isn’t safe because the zip-tie or tape will eventually let go. You may run over it, possibly get a flat tire and/or do damage under the car as well. It can also cause an accident to happen, as it’s now lying in the path of other oncoming cars.



I’ve purchased good used tires in the past because I didn’t have the money for the new ones right away. I’m not the only one who does this. This is temporary, as I will take the time to save the money for each pair of NEW tires, and then have them put on by folks I trust.

As to the broken tail light lens or turn signal lens, you can temporarily use lens tape which is sold in most part stores. It comes in Red, Amber (yellow), and clear for those specific colored lenses. It’s made to fix the lens for a short period of time. You can go online to eBay, or an online store to find the replacement lens you’re looking for – cheaper than you will at the dealer and sometimes even the Salvage (Junk) Yards.



If you have a busted windshield (this picture below is extreme), you should get it replaced immediately. It’s not only dangerous, it’s illegal.


Mirrors if they are broken completely off the car, you can find one online or in the junkyard or salvage yard fairly inexpensively.

If the glass on the mirror is broken, did you know that if you go to a glass repair place, they can order the specific mirror glass and install for you at a reasonable cost?

If you have a busted plastic fender (that’s the part of the car along the side of the car, from the front to the first door of the car, above the front tire), you can go online to KeyStone to get that new body part.


Plastic covered window because the window stopped on it’s way up or down. Sometime the mechanic can jump start a window switch to get the window up. This does not always work!

You may need a new window switch (cheap), window regulator (power) or the whole window assembly (time and effort – you have to take apart the door panel to replace it). If the whole door is really busted up from an accident, go to the salvage or junkyard to get a new door to put on.


Missing rear view mirror inside the car. Just go to the parts store and get a new one. They are inexpensive enough to buy and then have the glass replacement place install it for you.  They are very reasonably priced AND it will be done right, and won’t fall off anytime soon.

On occasion, I will spot a vehicle being driven that has either no headlights and/or bumper cover (the bumper on the newer cars).


You should never drive a car like that as this is Dangerous and ILLEGAL! You must have headlights and turn signals on the car by law.


You will need to find a new nose (front piece of the car between the hood and the bumper cover) or go to the salvage yard to get one. You may or may not have to buy new or used lens as well. They don’t always sell the parts together.

Do you know why the truck or hood won’t stay latched when you try to close it?

It’s because you have to add Lithium grease to the latches every now and again to keep it lubricated. It’s a working part and it needs to be able to move smoothly to release the hood or trunk. If you don’t, it can rust in place or just freeze and sometimes you may have to replace those working parts and it can be costly depending on the vehicle.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article or a part of your vehicle that needs to be repaired and you had to “quick fix” it and aren’t sure how to go about finding parts or getting it fixed, please contact me by email.

Email – sylvia@car-basics-for-women.com

Did you find this article to be informative? Did it leave you with more questions? Feel free to post a comment or a question below. Thanks for visiting!


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8 responses to “Quick Auto Repair Fixes”

  1. Lucero Vinh says:

    Every car owner wants that their car should remain in tip tough condition for ever. If any break down occurs due to some reason you should have the knowledge of repairing it by yourself or have idea about the symptoms of failure. So that you can visit a car repair shop to make repair of your car’s damaged part. Broken parts of some other external part such as mirror, car’s body scratch could be repair by yourself.

    • Hi Lucero!

      That is so true! That is why I’m doing this. I want folks to know what to do to keep the maintenance down to a minimum or to get to a garage before the vehicle stops working.

      I’m planning on going to the driver’s schools on Friday. If I can get 15 minutes to talk to the students, to get them interested, then I can plan to have small get togethers at different auto parts stores to show them things.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. In today’s world I don’t think there is anything that a woman can’t do. I have seen them driving big trucks and handling them even better than other drivers. They are in the race in a very dominating position. And it is a very positive thing that they want to know more about the machines. They should know more about different parts of a car so that they can easily adopt some DIY- methods to keep their vehicle in proper condition.

  3. Ryan Reyes says:

    Even if the vehicle owner is not an auto-geek, performing some plain sailing and elementary maintenance on his automobile will surely keep his vehicle out of the auto repair shop and increase its longevity. Apart from the above-mentioned auto repair fixes, coolant change, oil change, air filter change, headlight and battery terminals cleaning, are some of the basic maintenance tasks a car owner can do on his own to save his wallet instantly and also cut down the future auto repair bills. Thus, no matter, whether you are a man or woman, if you are using a car, then you have to possess preliminary technical skills so that you can handle minor odd situations on your own.

  4. Janet Chua says:

    Every car owner wants his car to look shiny, gorgeous. So he has to maintain his car properly. A car needs to be repaired when it gets older. Some auto repair fixes we can do on our own only in ten minutes. These are changing coolants, changing the fluids, air filter change, headlights and battery terminals cleaning etc. By this we can save our wallet and gain some expertise. But there are other auto repair fixes such as engine repair,transmission repair and timing belt replacement which we can’t do on our own. To perform these repair works you need a reputed & certified auto repair shop and for this.

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