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Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

My name is Sylvia Guillemette and I live in Connecticut. I’ve been on the internet since 2004.  I use to publish a newsletter online, I was nominated for Who’s Who in Business a few times, I’ve made a few dollars here and there, and I help people with resources and tools I have – every chance I get. If someone needs help, I don’t hesitate to help them.

I’ve always wanted to have a business teaching automotive basics. It’s been in the works for 10 years now. I’ve tried to find a way to start it offline, but I wasn’t having much luck with that.

I figured I’d start an online presence first, and build my professionalism there. Question was… where to go to learn how to do that right?

Enter Wealthy Affiliate..

Yes, I also viewed many, many Reviews on this program. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get sucked into another program that says one thing and doesn’t work out the way they claim. This is an entirely different place. A wonderful place of learning, training, and socializing.

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate only a few months, but there is a lot of value in this system. I love the fact that it’s a place of learning and that it’s a very social place.

I started out as a free member (never gave a credit card number when I signed up). I decided to upgrade to a premium member once I saw all the training, tools and resources that it has to offer. You get 2 Free Websites for Free – as a Free Member!  You heard me right… 2 Free Websites.

Premium members get 25 free sites and 25 paid sites hosted! If you had to pay for each of those sites to be hosted separately, it would be thousands of dollars from the get-go. This is an amazing place that gives you a lot of free tools, trainings, helps you with questions, suggestions, and other things you need to succeed. There are also video trainings that you can access at anytime!

There is also members here that also create tutorials and trainings to help everyone as much as they possibly can. So you get more education from everyone for no extra charge (if you decide to upgrade).

Not to mention all the members here, who are willing to help you in any way that they can. There is a Live Chat option which helps people get answers within a few minutes.  Very active site, with very active members helping others.

The Free Sign Up

The first thing you would do once you sign up, is to go into the members area.  You will see your Profile link on the far right side. Once you click it, you’ll see a drop down menu.

Take a System Tour and you’ll see this…

Getting Started

Live Chat

Building A Website

Get Answers to Your Questions

Refer 300 People to Premium

Your Profile Your Personal Space

Check Back Soon for More Tips


These is the membership choices…


Come and join us today!

Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would not have been able to start building my business presence online. This website would not have been possible.

My website here: http://car-basics-for-women.com

Please leave me a comment or question below. Thank you so much for visiting!


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