Welcome to Car Basics for Women!

Sylvia Guillemette


I’m guessing that the reason you’re reading this is because you’re interested in learning to take better care of your vehicle(s)?

Or is it because you want the young person in your household or New Driver to be more responsible for the vehicle(s) that he/she is driving or will be driving?

My goal here is to help people learn about the basics of their vehicles and how to take better care of them so that they will last longer.

There are many people searching for an automotive basics class or a book to help teach teenagers, adults and older folks how to properly care for and resolve issues that come up with the vehicle.

Things that will be covered…

  1. How to read, use and find an Owner’s Manual.
  2.  How to look up bulbs and find the right ones.
  3. Finding Accessories for your vehicle.
  4. Free Services and where to find them.
  5. Repair manuals and where to find them.
  6. Have an engine code? Learn how to read it, where to find the information, in order to make an informed decision and more…

Not necessarily in this order.

I will be taking the time in the near future to communicate with the driver schools in order to be able to help those there, become more responsible drivers and car owners.

For those who are looking to find the tools, parts, and items that are explained on here, I will have a “CLICK HERE” section on each post, so that if you’re looking for a specific part, tool, or item you’ll be able to find it there. 

I’m also helping folks to find a car or truck through my automotive contacts. There is going to be a finder’s fee for this as it requires time and effort to do this.  There will be a page for the current dealers I work with. (These are only people that have Integrity and Honesty … rare in the car world.)

There’s going to be a page for a couple of fundraisers. One is to help me to get the funding I need to make the classes happen and one is to raise money to finish the automotive inventions I have that will keep people safer.

Automotive Invention Fundraiser – CLICK HERE.

At some point there will be one-on-one tutoring as well. That’s well into the future, but it is on my Goal List.

If you have any questions regarding anything, please feel free to post a suggestion, comment or a question by going to the “leave a comment” on the bottom of the page under the other comments.  Thanks!

To Your Success,

Sylvia Guillemette

Feel free to email me here anytime… sylvia@car-basics-for-women.com



32 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Norman says:

    This is and awesome post because I think that every women should have some kind of basic knowledge about how to service. The sad thing is that many don’t and because of this they find themselves in some unlikely situation. I hope that a lot of women read this post and follow through to what you are saying because it makes plenty sense.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Norman for the boost of confidence. I do agree that women should learn. It’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this. I’m trying to keep it very simple, but detailed so that everyone can understand. After having been in those “oh my god, what do I do!” scenarios, I don’t anyone to have to go through all that like I did.

  2. Adyns68 says:


    This is very interesting…… I don’t know much about cars but I would love to learn. Mostly about how to keep the engines well.
    Or how to do a monthly check up on the car, some few things that I can easily on my own and save monthly cost of car check up.


    • admin says:

      That’s my goal. I’m glad you’re interested. More women should be. I want to help everyone who is willing to learn.

  3. Israel says:

    Hi Sylvia!

    I find this very helpful for those women who never really cared about this kind of things.

    They are basic things and usually men are more interested or find it easier to deal with those, but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be informed and interested as well.

    Thanks for making things easier for everyone!

  4. Kayla Ortiz says:

    Great site. I’m looking forward to reading more. Changing headlights and tires are a must know! Unfortunately, I’ve learned how because no one was there to help me. I’d be curious to know how to not get ripped off at a dealership too, when there is a big problem.

    • That is something that is a HUGE topic these days. I will see what kinds of information I can dig up. I also have a good friend who is a used car dealer – with excellent ratings – because he is good to folks and never keeps information from them. He is one of the few dealers I can say is “honest” which is RARE these days.

    • Thank you! I know the feeling and that’s one of the reasons why I’m doing this. No one should feel helpless if they have the information to do what is necessary.

  5. Netta says:

    Hey Sylvia:

    What a great idea! Car care and maintenance basics are an important part of being independent, I think. You don’t have to be handy with a wrench to understand when you have to take the vehicle in for its checkups and which tube you stick which fluid into to keep the thing running right and when that tire really should be replaced and all that.

    (The other really cool things to know are how to subscribe to a good roadside service so you’re not stranded on the side of the road, knowing where to find a good mobile mechanic and learning the right questions to ask people who know about car things.)

  6. Andrei says:

    Thank you for your tutorials. I’ll definitely bookmark your website and I am going to send it to my girlfriend that has problems with car mechanics!

    • Hi Andrei!

      Thank you! Learning to take care of something is a very important part of owning anything. I’m glad you’re looking out for her.

      She’s not the only one who’s had issues finding a good car mechanic. I’ve had my share of that too, so I completely understand.

  7. Hello Sylvia

    Congrats on a great website, very informative, easy to read and understand, great use of visuals, and it comes across as the author has some authority on the subject of the Automotive industry and car maintenance.

    Well done, keep going as I see good things for your website’s future, the mere fact that you are helping others acquire this knowledge is a great feat in itself.

    All the best in going forward.


  8. derrall says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    great concept for a website,

    I look forward to watching this site grow as you continue to add useful and practical information in a way that both women and men can understand!

    all the best,

  9. Eric Chen says:

    Hello SylviaMG,

    Great article! My brother is not very mechanically inclined in terms of knowing what to do with his car. I’m not talking about the major components, but even simple things.

    I will forward your website to my brother, so he can learn a couple things and will save me the time and trouble to explain.


  10. JeffWA says:

    Hi, Sylvia, It is an incorrect thought process probably lasting for decades now, that many women are not mechanically minded when it comes to fixing/repairing cars. It is wrong-headed thinking by people – mostly men who incorrectly believe that they know-it-all.

    A woman, (by herself) pulls her car into a service repair shop for what is really only regular maintenance work that needs to be done. Especially if the shop in question is less than reputable, mechanics will deliberately try and overcharge for repairs to the women’s vehicle that would have been needed, believing that she would not know any better. That or else these crooked mechanics will “invent” trouble that did not exist regarding the individual’s car to get more money out of her that was totally unnecessary. It is a chauvinistic, illegal and unethical practice!

    Your website designed to teach women methods to allow them to have their vehicles well-maintained as part of a do-it-yourself educational type of training is a stroke of genius on your part, Sylvia. And to be honest many men, (including yours truly) would benefit from the wisdom that you obviously have in this niche.

    Why pay what amounts to highway robbery that some of these service dealers will try and charge to fix a minor part in a car’s engine when with a bit of knowledge the owner with the right mindset and tools would be able to repair what would be needed herself?


    • admin says:

      Hi Jeff!

        You’re right of course. I’ve chosen to be a part of a “man’s world”. I’ve always been mechanically inclined and I like to know how things work.

        I never understood why some garage mechanics, oil change places (some can be the worst) and dealerships would resort to bad business practices and GREED. If you do a good job, someone will recommend you to them … AKA Word Of Mouth. Then you don’t have to do things like that to bring money into the business.

        I’m very glad I’ve had a good influence on you as well as others. I want to help people learn about these things as much as possible. You will have more control over what goes on with the vehicle. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with being able to do those things yourself – is worth it’s weight in GOLD.

        Thank you for the valuable comment and your time!

  11. Arkita says:

    This is a good idea to write about the basics to a car. I was told when I had my first car trouble (no oil) “You know its more to having a car than putting, gas in it and getting it washed”…lol…I learned the hard way.

    • I agree. There were people who came to the parts store I worked at, that needed help getting oil for their car. I found that some didn’t have any oil in the car and took the time to show them the type they needed, where I found the information, how to read the dipstick (measure), and where it went.

      Just think of a car as a kind of person… it needs air to breathe, fluids to run, maintenance (physical) to stay healthy, and new shoes to keep it moving in one direction.

  12. Alex says:

    I’m a car enthusiast and I really love what you are trying to do here. I wish my wife would have the same interest and disposition as yours, because she never really cared to even know how to change a tire in case of an emergency, I’m going to tell her about your site so probably she would become more interested with the focus that you have with your site.

    Keep it up!

    • admin says:

      Hi Alex!

      I’m glad to meet another car enthusiast! I’m glad you really like the site. Ask her how she would know how to take care of the vehicles if you weren’t there anymore. Be really, really serious about it. I’ve shocked a few parents when working in the auto parts store that way. It really makes them think about that…

      Thank you for taking time out to respond!

  13. MIck says:

    Very nice web page on car basics for women. There are some males I know who could benefit from visiting your website. You provide a lot of good content. Very beneficial for all car novices. My wife needs to visit your website to learn more about car basics. Good luck with your website.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mick!

      Thank you! There are a lot of folks out there that could use the information. That’s why I’m putting the site together. It’s not just for women… it’s for everyone! I think people should be educated as to how to do things, what to do and not to when problems come up, and also be educated in how to deal with places that want to upsell (offer something in conjunction with a service) or supposedly fix something on your vehicle, that you don’t need.

  14. Wayne says:

    Hi Sylvia,
    Enjoyed reading your article on car basics, very informative.

  15. Cynthia says:


    I finally got a chance to come and check out your website. I am so glad I did. I think it has lots of good information not only us women can use but as you mention, good for teenagers or really anyone who wants/needs to know more details about caring for our automobiles. I know some men that I bet don’t know a lot of the information you have here. 😉 As of today’s read, I learned some things about keys I wasn’t aware of which was actually very helpful to me and also about prices at hardware stores matching an online price. All very cool and helpful information here. I’m so glad you have a site about this topic for me to bookmark and come back to often.

  16. Phil Hulings says:

    Looks like a site that is needed very much out there. Everyone should know how to change a tire, or add oil just to get by.
    I am a lifetime dealer for Amsoil Synthetic Oil and believe that quality is very important.
    I now do custom rear window graphics for cars and trucks. I specialize in Military Pride Murals. I saw you on alignable.com and would appreciate a connection and perhaps a recommendation for my window graphics. I will be sure to return the favor too.
    Thanks for providing a needed service to not just women, but everyone.
    Phil Hulings’ CarCareColorado

    • Thank you for your appreciation of the need for learning car basics. It’s very important and I’m glad you support the cause!

      I do love the murals that you create for the vehicle windows. I will be putting up a page shortly for specialty products that are offered by others such as yourself.

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