What Do I Need to Know When Renting A Car?

What Do I Need to Know When Renting A Car?

Renting a car isn’t rocket science. Rental car companies are located all over the world! Each place has different policies in place for renting a vehicle. 

There are a few things you must know before renting a vehicle in the US. You have to be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license, car insurance with full coverage, a good driving record, and a credit card.


Car Size & Class

Each vehicle is priced differently depending on the size.  A small car is the least expensive, and something like an Land Rover (as well as exotic cars) are very expensive.  

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I use Enterprise Rental Car all the time when I rent a car. I usually need one in-between buying cars. I’ve never had a problem that couldn’t be fixed, customer service is excellent, and I always take the insurance.

If you went to their website, you’d scroll down and see different cars and classes. There are many classes within the classes. You’ll be able to see the breakdown when you do an online reservation.



You’re visiting friends or family, you’ve just come in from the airport and you’ve decided to rent a car. Let’s say you’d like a Full Size car.  I select the full size car – standard or premium choice. Let’s say you went with the premium choice. 

  • Now you choose a location to pick up the car.
  • Put in the dates and times of rental and renter age. Click continue.
  • Select location again
  • Select vehicle, how many people, and then decide when looking at each car which one is best for your budget
  • Select Intermediate for example – which is currently $365.04 per week. Select the Features and Price for the details.
  • Select vehicle
  • There are extras you can choose from such as XM Radio, GPS, Child Seat, and others. 
  • Continue to review reservation.
  • Fill in your details on the page.
  • Then Reserve Now

REMEMBER – there’s always a DEPOSIT on the vehicle rental. (Deposit amounts vary depending on circumstance.)



This covers you in case something happens. It’s only a few dollars more for the coverage. You don’t want to have to deal with that on your insurance and then have to pay a higher premium, should you choose to use your own insurance and something happens. 

The folks at the rental place will walk around the car with you. They check for any damage before giving you the keys. Any damage is listed immediately in the computer. So if the car comes back with damage, say someone opened their door up hard and it dented the car you have rented, and if you don’t have the rental insurance on it, your insurance will be charged.



Are you a Military person or Veteran? Do you have AAA? If you don’t know if a rental company offers discounts on their rentals… ASK! No one likes to pay extra for a car than necessary if there is a discount available. 

You will sometimes see discounted prices advertised for rental cars at different times of the year. Check to see if there are any available around the time you decide to rent your vehicle.


Please Drive Safely

Please obey the speed limits and rules of the road. You should enjoy yourself while visiting the area whether on business, vacation or personal. Safety First!

Most rental car companies have car sales offices that resale those rental vehicles with Low Mileage, should you decide you like what you drive. Some of these rental cars are also sold at auctions and to local dealers. They are located everywhere!



You have the choice to choose whether or not you want to refill the car when you return it or be charged a certain amount per gallon (liter). I fill the car up before returning it and then there’s no extra charge. 



Please return the car clean! You could be charged a cleaning fee if it isn’t clean. If you don’t have time to vacuum it, at least clean up all the trash and throw it out. The person checking in the car will appreciate not having to sit in a filthy car.



If you can’t find the information you need to do a rental, feel free to call them. Get all your questions answered. You can’t make an informed decision if you don’t have all the details. 


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